Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quick Update by BJ Neblett

Look for a year end tally and run down of all of my stories and books and where you can find them this weekend. Right now I have a couple of quick items to share. As always, click the links!
Fellow writer and blogger Jessica Collins has posted a very nice interview she did with me on her blog site. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment. And while you are there, give a look at this wonderful writer's home page and her Facebook page. Tell her I sent you!
I mentioned here before that I will be teaching a course in short story writing, Short Stories And Shorter Stories starting in February at Seattle's Hugo House For Writers. Click here for schedule and details. We'll I am pleased to announce I have been asked to return for the Spring Semester. I'll be teaching Intro To Fiction. Check back here and at Hugo House for details as time nears.
Finally, I have said it before and I guess I will keep saying it... I am always surprised, indeed overwhelmed at how far my words sometimes travel and how they are used. I'll let the following email I received this week speak for itself. Again, check back here in the near future for more info.

Message : I am writing a memoir which will include an account of my treatment for cancer, when I was helped and moved by a nurse quoting "We are the sum total of our experiences...." from "George". I wonder if I might have your permission to reproduce that paragraph (up to "..nor  will be tomorrow") in my book. With many thanks in anticipation. Kind regards.

Thanks and peace.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Who Said That? by BJ Neblett

Hello once again and welcome to our year end round up and house cleaning.  First order of business is something that finds me at once honored and humbled. Many quotes attributed to me have found their way into the most interesting places, including being used as photo tags and within the text of motivational and inspirational speeches. I am often asked about their origin and where they can be found. Below is a list of what has turned out to be my most popular quotes, and their source, be it one of my books, short stories or just a quip of the lips. I hope you enjoy them. Next week look for a full catalogue of my publications. Thanks.

“The things we keep hidden deepest inside are often those that need most to be released.”
                        Princess Haylee from Princess Haylee by BJ Neblett (9-2016)

“I am just a roadside attraction on your journey down life’s highway, a place you stop briefly before moving on. Years from now, in a long forgotten box of memories, you’ll come across one of my souvenirs and think of me. And maybe you’ll smile.”
                        BJ Neblett (8-2016)

“Every journey must proceed at its own pace, each step following the other in its proper order. For that is the way of life.”
                        Planet Alt-Sete-Nine by BJ Neblett (7-2016)

“It’s not what you see, but what you believe. It’s not what you fear, but what you trust. It’s not what you love, but the love you give.”
                        Princess Haylee from Princess Haylee by BJ Neblett (7-2016)

“It’s not what is said, it’s how it is spoken; it’s not what you write, it’s how it is written; it’s not what’s implied, it’s what’s inferred.”
                        BJ Neblett (from the essay Flash Fiction 12-2015)

“Sex mirrored our drinking; both defined our relationship: indulgent and satisfying.”
                       From: A Change Is Gonna Come by BJ Neblett (Forthcoming memoir)

“You’ve got to have ice cream to write good romance.”
                        BJ Neblett

“A love letter lost in the mail, forgotten, miss-delivered, and then discovered years later and received by the intended is romantic. A love letter ending up in someone’s spam filter is just annoying.”
                        BJ Neblett

“The half empty container of warm beer in my hand was the perfect metaphor for our relationship.”
                        From Beer And Broken Dreams by BJ Neblett

“Some of my best writing has come at the hands of heartache and frustration. Being totally crazy about someone you cannot have is great food for inspiration.”
                        From Beer And Broken Dreams by BJ Neblett

“The two greatest assets a writer can have are an unbridled imagination and to have lived an unabashed life.”
                        From All The Wrong Places by BJ Neblett

“Where exactly lays that fine line between hopeless romantic and helpless fool?”
                        From Beer And Broken Dreams by BJ Neblett

“Fantasies… who needs fantasies? I have memories.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“Love knows no boundaries, seeks no guidance; obeys no rules.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“Nothing is as wonderful and wondering as love’s first awakenings.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“There are as many things to love about someone as there are some ones to love.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“Can anyone ever really know another?”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“We’re all victims of our rearing, carrying the sins of our fathers like so much baggage; fearful of the demons inside escaping.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“Never having done something is the best reason to be doing it.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“Summer is for lovers, dreamers and fools.”
                        From No Boundaries by BJ Neblett

“Memories are reality’s ghosts”
                        From Three Of A Kind by BJ Neblett

“Love doesn’t ask much… simple things, like a gentle touch.”
                        BJ Neblett

“…As tender as a kiss
My empty arms enfold you,
And as strong as a tear
My empty heart longs for you…”
                        From: Mi Amor Es Tuyo by BJ Neblett

“See with your mind, speak with your heart, touch with your eyes, and love with your entire being.”
                        From: Elysian Dreams by BJ Neblett

“The past is a hotel. You can visit anytime; enjoy the view. But you can’t live there. The cost is too high.”
                        From: Elysian Dreams by BJ Neblett

“Yesterday’s faults become today’s lessons. Today’s dreams become tomorrow’s reality.”
                        BJ Neblett

“Loving you is like walking between rain drops.”
                        From Never Let A Vegetarian Pack Your Lunch by BJ Neblett

“Where does one run to escape from feelings?”
                        From Rain by BJ Neblett

“Remembering the past is one thing; living in it is another. If you don’t enjoy today, you won’t have any memories of it tomorrow.”
                        From Static by BJ Neblett

“We are the sum total of our experiences. Those experiences – be they positive or negative – make us the person we are, at any given point in our lives. And, like a flowing river, those same experiences, and those yet to come, continue to influence and reshape the person we are, and the person we become. None of us are the same as we were yesterday, nor will be tomorrow.”
                        From George by BJ Neblett   

“Providence has its price.”
                        From The Man Who Wouldn’t Die by BJ Neblett

“I’ve been told I am a great catch. Trouble is I keep getting thrown back.”
                        BJ Neblett

All the women of the world have two things in common: one, they are beautiful… all women are beautiful. Two, none of them want to have anything to do with me.”
                        BJ Neblett

 Learn from the past 
 Live for the present
 Look to the future.
                          BJ Neblett

“Education is what happens as you learn to live life.”
                        BJ Neblett

“You might as well laugh at yourself, everyone else is.”
                        BJ Neblett

Note: Planet Alt-Sete-Nine and Princess Haylee are books tentatively scheduled for release Spring/Summer, 2017 and Winter, 2017 respectively. A Change Is Gonna Come is a follow up to my memoir Ice Cream Camelot. No release date yet. “Mi Amor Es Tuyo” is a poem/song.

Check back next week for info on where you can find these and all of my other books and short stories.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

New Release, Teaching, Meetings And Music by BJ Neblett

      Good gook-a-mookie it's December! Where did the year... wait, I know where 2016 went, I spent it writing! Today, December 1, the new edition of Paradox Ethereal Magazine makes its debut. Mary Vareli does a wonderful job with a beautifully laid out magazine expounding on everything beautiful. It is a free download for all, and it features a new short story by me, The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes. Click the link and indulge your senses in this wonderful, groundbreaking magazine.
      Also this year I wrote a new contemporary literary fantasy adventure, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: a follow up to it titled Princess Haylee, (looking more and more like a trilogy); getting said book off to the publisher, (check back here for release date); the release of my memoir Ice Cream Camelot in paperback; and selling said books and more at conventions and book fairs: Hugo House, Westercon, Orycon and Authors & Autographs to name a few. BTW, a big thanks to everyone who stopped by the booths and said hello. And don't forget, a review on Amazon or even your own personal blog of my books goes a very long way. Thank You! And looks like 2017 will continue to be just as crazy busy... just how I like it. Oh, before I forget, I'm taking a break for the holidays, but keep checking here for my next appearance, book signing, convention, etc. We've already got many in the works.
      If you are in the Seattle area, especially in or around the Ballard, the Ballard Writers Collective will be meeting tomorrow, Thursday, December 1, at the Royal Drummer Cafe, 6420 24th Ave NW, Seattle (Ballard) at 5 PM. The group is a great supportive bunch who welcomes newcomers and old writing vets. If you are looking for a writing group with a large collection of experience in all genres, be sure to stop by and say hello.
      Coming up in February I will be teaching a class, Short Stories And Shorter Stories at Seattle's Hugo House, 1021 Columbia Street, Seattle. It is on, guess what... short stories and flash fiction. You can click the link for more info, but my classes fill up quick so... In conjunction with a new semester, Hugo House is hosting its biannual class sampler, Write-O-Rama this Saturday, December 3, from noon to 6PM. This is your chance to spend the day sampling any number of upcoming classes, including my own. Hope to see you there.
      Finally, I have been coerced into once again picking up my guitar for fun and... well, just for fun. I'll be joining other guitar/music enthusiasts for an acoustic jam, Friday night, December 2, 6:30 PM at Cafe Appassionato 4001 21st Ave W, Seattle. The jam is open to all, you don't have to be a pro, or even good, and you don't even have to perform, sing along or just listen. Please be sure to come say Hi  if you read about it here!
Till next time...

Saturday, November 19, 2016

OryCon, Books And Beyone by BJNeblett

For those of you looking for something to do in the rainy Portland area this weekend, stop by the Downtown Marriott for Orycon 38. This edition of the sci-fi/fantasy convention features more exhibits plus expanded workshops and conferences. And there is a large vendor area where you will find me, along with my friends from Fuzzy Hedgehog Press selling our wares and signing copies of our books... everything from Young Adult, to Contemporary Urban Fantasy to Sci-fi and anthologies. Hope to be seeing you here, today, Saturday, Nov 19 until 7 PM or tomorrow the 20th 10 til 4.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

OryCon, Updates And Such by BJ Neblett

Wow, November already! Crazy. Then again I have been swarmed over with writing a new novel... actually my second this year: Princess Haylee book two of The Lost Princess Series. I finished book one, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine in July and want to have book two completed before committing to my publisher. Of course he is already talking about a spring/summer release date, which in publisher speak means maybe fall. We'll see. If you'd like to preview a taste of Princess Haylee, I will be posting a chapter or two perhaps in January.
NanoWriMo is here which I foolishly was talked into signing up for by my author KJ McPike. She is working on her own sequel, Emulous, a follow up to her excellent award winning and very popular Young Adult novel Xodus. If you are not familiar with NanoWriMo, it is for crazy people who challenge themselves to write 50,000 words in 30 days, the month of November... fun. Anyway, click the highlighted link words to check it out along with KJ's book site.
The weekend of November 18-20 I'll be joining my friend and author/publisher Matt Buscemi and some other writers in Portland, Oregon for OryCon, a sci-fi/fantasy convention. I'll be meeting and greeting and selling & signing copies of my books including Elysian Dreams, my contemporary fantasy adventure novel, and Matt's books including his anthology, Beyond The Hedge, The Light And The Dark. I have a well received short story included in this volume. Please do come by and say hello. It promises to be a lot of fun.
My historical memoir, Ice Cream Camelot is out in paperback through Amazon.com and on your local book seller's shelf. The eBook was very well reviewed and received and now you can add it to you book shelf!
I have created, finally, a new Facebook page. I don't think my publisher at Brighton Publishing has any hair left to pull out so I thought this was a good time to setup and update on Facebook. The link is to the right or just click the highlight. As they say, be sure to 'like' me and ask for a 'friending' if that's the right terminology. And check back often as I promise I will be updating and looking for your comments and such on a regular bases. As time permits. In between writing and teaching. Ok, when I can... I promise.
And speaking of teaching (see how writers do that? Cool, huh?) My first class teaching fiction writing at Seattle's Hugo House just concluded. On Saturday, December 3, I'll be joining a group of teachers for Write-O-Rama, one hours classes on everything from writing to publishing to poetry. I'll be teaching a class on the art of the short story and it is open to all. Then, my classes resume on February 5, Sunday (think that's the right date). This time around I'll be teaching Writing Short Stories And The Art Of Flash Fiction. Contact Hugo House for registration info which should be starting soon. Again, click the highlighted text for a link to Hugo House.
Finally, since we are nearing the end of another year, I'll be posting an updated 2016 Bibliography of all of my books, stories, poetry, etc and where you can find them. Check back for more.
Ok, enough said, and thanks for being there!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

New Book Release And A Retraction

My new memoir, Ice Cream Camelot has been released as a paperback, although it may be ten days to two weeks before it is available in book stores and on line including Amazon.com.
But more importantly, the back cover of the book and the press release contain a quote attributed to, but not from author KJ McPike. KJ is a talented writer, with two great must read Young Adult books currently out: Xodus and Nemesis, both available through Amazon. KJ's quote should have read: "Neblett paints a vivid picture of the 1960s that will make readers feel like they are right there with him."


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Teaching Creative Writing For Fiction by BJ Neblett

I've been busily working on book two of my Lost Princes trilogy. Book one, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is finished but the inspiration and ideas just keep coming. I'm hoping for a spring 2017 release of book one.
I am also hoping to keep on track with writing book two, but will be teaching Intro To Fiction starting in September. For those of you in the general Seattle area, registration has started for my class and is filling up. There is still plenty of space as well as time for you to sign up. The classes will start Monday, September 12, 7 PM, and run for 8 weeks. They are being held at the famed Hugo House for writers, and are open to anyone.
Please click the Hugo House link and sign up today!
Hope to see you in class!
Hugo House: www.hugohouse.org

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Book Signing And Book Reading by BJ Neblett

For those of you in the Great Pacific Northwest, this Thursady I will be signing copies of the fiction anthology Beyond The Hedge: The Light And The Dark and reading selections from my story Rain At The Intersection Of Tomorrow. It will be held at Queen Anne Bookstore at 1811 Queen Anne Ave N in Seattle, at 7 PM on Thursday, August 11. Several other of the contributing authors including Alissa Berger and Piper Lewis will be there to read and sign your copies. Beyond The Hedge is a great fiction anthology series, published twice a year by Matthew Buscemi through Fuzzy Hedgehog Press.I hope to see you there. For more information you may click the links or call Queen Anne Books at 206-284-2427. That's Thursday evening, 7 PM!
For those of you not close by, as well as those who are, one of my most popular stories Seven Seconds is being read on Youtube by a very talented guy, Brady Boothe in connection with the Evil Idol contest. It is a competition for scary stories which are spoken and given the actor's own particular twist. Brady has done a great job interpreting my story and I know you will enjoy it. Please click or copy the link  www.youtube.com/watch?v=VteM5BE8M2U and give Brady a thumbs up vote to help him move on to the final round. Be sure to leave a comment while you are there as well. Thanks.
Finally a quick update. My new novel Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is finished and getting a final edit. We are shooting for publication sometime in early 2017. In the meantime, my memoir, Ice Cream Camelot should be in paperback and on the book shelves in October.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Releases Appearances Signings and More by BJ Neblett

Welcome back! As I mentioned in my last couple of blogs, the last half of 2016 is shaping up to be a very busy one for me. I'm looking forward to all that lies ahead, as well as meeting many of you in person. To that end, below is a list of book and story releases, happenings, book signings, appearances and more where you can find me. There are more tentatively schedules, so keep checking back for updates. Click the links for more info. And as always, link, like and share the love.
BJ Neblett

Westercon 69 Sci-fi/Fantasy convention, Portland Oregon. July 1-4. I'll be there signing copies of my books along with friends and fellow authors Alissa Berger, KJ McPike and Matt Buscemi.

New book release: July 1, 2016 Beyond The Hedge Vol 1 The Light And The Dark. Both Alissa Berger and I have stories in this great new Alternative Reality Anthology series from Fuzzy Hedgehog Press, available through Amazon and from the publisher.

Queen Anne Book Company, Seattle Washington. August 11. Book signing at one of the north west's premier book sellers, getting underway around 7 PM. Again I'll be there with Alissa Berger, KJ McPike and Matt Buscemi.

Teaching Creative Writing: An Intro To Fiction. I'll be teaching this class at Seattle's Hugo House. Class starts the evening of Monday, September 12 and continues for eight consecutive Mondays. Check with Hugo House for more details and to sign up.

Authors & Autographs Expo at the Everett Fall Home Show. Xfinity Arena, Everett, Washington. September 30 thru October 2. I've been asked to be a featured author and speaker. Here's another chance to say hello, pick up copies of my books, have them signed, and meet up with other Western Washington writers including Alissa Berger, KJ McPike and Matt Buscemi.

Orecon, Portland, Oregon. November, 2016. Another convention at which I'll be appearing, with my co-hort writers. Check back for more info.

Late Fall 2016-Winter/Spring 2016/2017 Book releases. Look for the first release of my sci-fi trilogy Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, fiction collection Wouldn't It Be Funny If... as well as the paperback release of Ice Cream Camelot, my personal historical memoir, and just in time for Spring, a collection of romantic stories Never Let A Vegetarian Pack Your Lunch and Other Love Stories.

And of course monthly and quarterly releases of my fiction and romance stories in Romance Magazine, eFiction Magazine and Paradox Ethereal Magazine.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

New Book New Story Book Signing/Appearance and Teaching by BJ Neblett

Hello again and thanks for stopping by! It looks like I'm gonna be a very busy guy this summer and beyond! Of course, I am busy finishing up Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, the first of my sci-fi/fantasy trilogy about video gaming. I am also finishing up editing KJ McPike's new book Nemesis, book 1.5 of her terrific Astralis series. We are hoping for a simultaneous release of our books later this year. Keep checking back here for more info.
In the meantime, check below for two totally new stories of mine in Beyond The Hedge, a national anthology, and Paradox Ethereal Magazine, a free online magazine. Just click the images for more info!
July Fourth weekend I will be in Portland, Oregon for Westercon 69 Sci-fi/Fantasy convention. I'll be there signing copies of my books along with fellow writers KJ McPike and Alissa Berger (who also has a story in Beyond The Hedge). Stop by and chat.

       Beyond The Hedge                                                    Paradox Ethereal Magazine

Finally, I have been honored to be asked to teach a class at Seattle's famed Hugo House. Starting September 12, I'll be teaching an eight week course titled Creative Writing: An Intro To Fiction. Details on this and other upcoming writing classes and more about Hugo House by clicking the link: www.hugohouse.org.
Thanks for supporting my blog and enjoying my books and short stories. Be sure to like, link and pass the love! Hope to see you July Fourth weekend in Portland at Westercon 69!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Books, Short Stories, Magazines and More by BJ Neblett

Hello again! First I want to thank all of you for your support for my writing through the years. My books and magazines are among the most popular. And I enjoy your comments and questions. One question I get most often I will (finally) address right here. Below you will find a catalogue of my work. Simply click the photo for a link to more information and availability. And thanks again for your support! Look for a new novel and more later this year! And be sure to click on the image on the right to be the first to get a new story in a forthcoming book!





If you should have any trouble with any of the links you go directly to either Amazon or the publisher eFiction Magazines! The anthology on the right, Beyond The Hedge is available for preorder now and will be out the first of July. It features brand new stories by myself as well as my buddy and fellow author Alissa Berger. Just click the image.
Currently I am hard at work on the first of a Sci fi trilogy which should be out this fall. Watch right here for more info and a chapter tease! Also, in the works for later this year and into 2017 are compilations of my romance stories and fiction stories. Stay tuned... more to come...

Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Book New Story by BJ Neblett

I know I have been remiss in my writing here, but that is only because I have been busy writing... as in new short stories and a new book. Actually the book is a trilogy, with book one tentatively planned for release later this year. Titled Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, the release is scheduled to coincide with the release of Nemesis, the second book in the Astralis Trilogy by my friend and fellow author KJ McPike.
You remember KJ as the author of Xodus, book one in her excellent series. She was featured in this blog on September 21, 2015, titled New Must Read From A New Author. KJ is working hard on book two, Nemesis, and Xodus has met with tremendous acceptance. As a matter of fact, on Saturday, April 30, 2016, KJ will be receiving a First Place Category Award from the very prestigious Paranormal Awards for Supernatural Fiction for Xodus. Congrats KJ! Click on the links to check out KJ McPike and Xodus on Amazon and KJ's home page.
Meanwhile, besides busy with my own trilogy, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, I have a number of short stories under my belt already for this year. One I am particularly proud of Rain At The Intersection Of Tomorrow, is a featured story in a forthcoming anthology from Fuzzy Hedgehog Press. Beyond The Hedge will be released July 1, 2016, but you can check it out right now and pre-order from Amazon by clicking this link or the image to the right. Beyond The Hedge will feature my story along with stories from some very talented writers including my dear friend Alissa Berger. You will remember Alissa being featured along with myself in the July 2015 edition of eFiction Magazine with her story Unaccomplished.
Beyond The Hedge has already started quite a buzz as well as receiving a number of per-orders, placing it high in Amazon's rankings, so be sure to get your order in soon.
A couple of final notes. As publication of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine nears I will post a chapter here to whet your appetite. Also, KJ McPike, Alissa Berger and I will be attending Westercon in Portland, Oregon, the weekend of July 1 thru 4. We'll all be at the Fuzzy Hedgehog Press table along with writer and Fuzzy Hedgehog Press publisher Matt Buscemi. I'll write more as the date draws nearer. But mark it down on your calendars, and plan on stopping by and saying hello to some of your favorite authors.
BJ Neblett

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Seattle April Book Expo In March! by BJ Neblett

April in March! April in March! April in March! Read on...
Hello, it's been a while, and I do hope all have survived the crazy winter months. In my part of the woods we've had crazy amounts of rain and chilly temperatures. But I guess that is to be expected when you live in the Emerald City, Seattle. But Spring is here and warmer temperatures and blue skies are already arriving even as I write. And that is exactly what I'm here to talk about.
Spring time in Seattle means many things including Mariners Baseball and Tulips. But it also means the Spring April Book Expo, a wonderful collection of publishers and writers eager for you to sample their newest offerings. For some reason, the Expo this year will be held on Sunday, March 20. The April Book Expo will arrive on the same day as Spring, March 20, and it promises to be a celebration of the many talented writers living here in the great Northwest and elsewhere.
I will be there along with my friends and co-authors, Matt Buscemi, author and owner/publisher of Fuzzy Hedgehog Press and Alissa Berger, writer extraordinaire. My globe trotting writer partner KJ McPike will be represented along with her newest offering, Xodus. And I'll be selling and signing copies of my own romantic fantasy adventure Elysian Dreams.
The Expo runs from 11 AM til 5 PM and is being held this year at the Hugo House in Seattle's Capitol Hill district, across from Cal Anderson Park. March 20! All the details and links you need can be found below. Please make plans to attend, and be sure to stop by and say hello. I'll be the one working on my new novel Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, and Alissa will be the pretty one doing her school work and munching on Samoa Girl Scout Cookies!
There will be food trucks for snacks and the author vendors will accept you cash and credit cards.
Hugo House is Seattle's prime neighborhood center for all things writing and written, including classes, events, readings, book release parties, teen programs and more. Come on by, pick up a book or two, meet the authors and support reading!
Thanks, see you there. And see you right back here very soon with updates on my recent short stories and new novel, including a new short story included in a new anthology to be released this summer!
April in March... that's March 20!!!

Hugo House
1634 11th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
email: welcome@hugohouse.org

April Book Expo

Fuzzy Hedgehog Press
email: matt@fuzzyhedgehogpress.com

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Contest, Audio Book, and Audience Participation by BJ Neblett

Hello again, it’s been a while. But never fear I’ve been putting my time to good use. Just this month I have completed two wonderful short stories (more on them coming up) and have gotten into a new novel! Thanks for all of the support and well wishes over the holidays. I hope your new year is starting off to be a great one. I especially want to take a moment to thank a couple of friends who were very supportive and helpful this past year: Matt Buscemi, a prolific and wonderful author; Kelly (KJ) McPike, another good friend and author with her first novel published this past year, “Xodus”; Joe Williams, my buddy and Thursday night meatloaf indulger. And to Alissa Berger, another terrific author, but more than that, the best bud anyone could hope to have!
As for you my loyal readers, I have a couple of surprises as well as requests. I have entered my romance novel “Never Let A Vegetarian Pack Your Lunch” (yes, it’s romance) in a contest for publication. But… I need votes in order to be considered and read! If you could take a moment and hop over to Inkitt, scroll down to find my book and then click on my book (Never Let A Vegetarian…) and vote by clicking the heart at the bottom. They may ask you to sign up, but it’s a simple process and you can just make up a name and password if you like. No salesman will call, I promise! Thanks!
Also, my short story “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die” has been made into an audio book of sorts on Youtube. The young man who did it is in high school and can use your support. You can click here: Man Who Wouldn’t Die, or on the link to the right. Once again big thanks!
I will see you very soon. Till then, as always, thanks for being there. Link, like, comment and share the love!