Saturday, January 30, 2016

Contest, Audio Book, and Audience Participation by BJ Neblett

Hello again, it’s been a while. But never fear I’ve been putting my time to good use. Just this month I have completed two wonderful short stories (more on them coming up) and have gotten into a new novel! Thanks for all of the support and well wishes over the holidays. I hope your new year is starting off to be a great one. I especially want to take a moment to thank a couple of friends who were very supportive and helpful this past year: Matt Buscemi, a prolific and wonderful author; Kelly (KJ) McPike, another good friend and author with her first novel published this past year, “Xodus”; Joe Williams, my buddy and Thursday night meatloaf indulger. And to Alissa Berger, another terrific author, but more than that, the best bud anyone could hope to have!
As for you my loyal readers, I have a couple of surprises as well as requests. I have entered my romance novel “Never Let A Vegetarian Pack Your Lunch” (yes, it’s romance) in a contest for publication. But… I need votes in order to be considered and read! If you could take a moment and hop over to Inkitt, scroll down to find my book and then click on my book (Never Let A Vegetarian…) and vote by clicking the heart at the bottom. They may ask you to sign up, but it’s a simple process and you can just make up a name and password if you like. No salesman will call, I promise! Thanks!
Also, my short story “The Man Who Wouldn’t Die” has been made into an audio book of sorts on Youtube. The young man who did it is in high school and can use your support. You can click here: Man Who Wouldn’t Die, or on the link to the right. Once again big thanks!
I will see you very soon. Till then, as always, thanks for being there. Link, like, comment and share the love!