Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy Happy 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing all a very happy, healthy, prosperous and blessed 2015. Thanks to everyone for their continued support; keep those cards and letters coming! And stay tuned right here! 2015 will bring more stories and poems, plus more romance (just click the image to the right), another book, and a few surprises. And oh, just a hint: my other site "Here For A Season" will host a salute to romance all month long this February. Stories, music, poetry, romance and more! Check it out starting Feb 1. And look for a new story right here in January.

So, whatever your plans:

Partying like it's 1955...


...or 1975...

Happy New Year!!!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, December 24, is my birthday... yes, Christmas Eve. Being a Christmas kid is kinda strange, and frustrating. Often you are forgotten, even by family members. And when they do remember, the last minute gifts are often gaily wrapped in very suspicious looking red and green. And don't believe the myth about twice as many presents. That one big box from Uncle Bob and Aunt Jenny has a tag that reads: To Billy, Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas. Having a birthday at Christmas is kinda like having no birthday at all. But, then again, maybe that's why I still look, feel and act so young!
Whatever the reason, it's my birthday and I will be celebrating it the night of the 24th (along with Christmas) at Conor Byrne Bar on Ballard Ave. here in Ballard. The last few years friends, friends of friends and fellow softballers have gotten together for a fun pot luck dinner/party put on by my buddy Keyoni. The evening benefits orphan kids and all are invited to join. Including you! You don't even have to bring me a present.
Hope to see your face in the crowd. But even if you can't make it you can celebrate along with me by clicking the link below... you figure out the meaning ;)
Peace and love to all this holiday season! More stories, more poems, more romance, a new book and lots of surprises yet to come in 2015!

Me and my aunt circa Don't Ask

Well on my way to becoming a juvenile delinquent

The start of a wild career Town to town up and down the dial

What a handsome dude! Dig the 'Fro... the chicks go for it! Far out man! 

Billy James radio star!

Me and a couple of Seahawks Seagals... Perks of being a radio star!

Famous author BJ Neblett, older, wiser, more settled... don't believe a word of it!

And so another year older. As a wise man once said (who me?)...

            The older I get
            The further I go
            The more I learn
            The less I know

But have faith ya'll... it only gets better. Trust me, I know! The best is yet to come!