Monday, April 8, 2013

Melissa Jo Peltier ~ Someone You Should Know

Hello again and thanks to all for taking the time to make this blog the very big success that it has become. I will continue to bring you the great short stories that you have come to expect as well as updates on my books and other works. But for the moment I want to step outside of the usual format and introduce you to someone I know you will just love.
Melissa Jo Peltier may not be a household word - at least not yet - but I know you have seen her work. For twenty years Ms. Peltier wrote, directed and produced some of television's best and most important documentaries, collecting two Emmy Awards and 50 plus national and international awards along the way. Now, safely ensconced in her New York home, she has literally bitten the hand that fed her. With tongue firmly planted in cheek, Melissa takes a darkly humorous insider look at Hollywood - the real Hollywood. Reality Boulevard, from Apostrophe Books reveals the luncheon gossip and office conflicts; the backhanded dealings and back stabbing rituals of trying to survive in the cutthroat, winner-take-all world of reality TV. And what goes on behind the scenes is faster, funnier and more frivolous that anything ever captured on screen. This is reality TV about reality TV!
If you love the Kardashians; can't live without the Jersey Shore; identify with the Real Housewives, or just enjoy a great read, do yourself a favor and read Reality Boulevard by Melissa Jo Peltier. Hey, have I ever steered you wrong?
Look for a new short story here shortly. In the mean time check out Melissa's home page... and tell her BJ sent you!
Melissa Jo Peltier Home Page


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