Saturday, November 24, 2018

.99 Sale! .99 Sale! .99 Sale! by BJ Neblett

.99 Cent Sale! by BJ Neblett

Short and sweet... to celebrate the holidays and in honor of Buy Local Weekend, for a limited time you can get a digital copy of my latest book Wouldn't It Be Funny If... for just .99 cents! This is a compilation of fifteen of my best and most requested sci-fi/fantasy short stories, including the award winning and controversial Seven Seconds, and the popular thriller Satan's Blood.
Wouldn't It Be Funny If... is available in all digital formats for all digital readers, wherever digital media is sold. Kindle users must go to to get the Kindle edition as it is not yet available on Amazon. also carries all of the other popular formats.
Have a safe and happy holidays and be sure to get your copy of Wouldn't It Be Funny If... before the price goes back up. Please leave a book review for me, and pass the word along, like and share!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Time Travel & Alternate Dimensions A New Class And Discussion by BJ Neblett

Monday, November 5, at 7 PM I'll be teaching a new class at Seattle's famed Hugo House For Authors. This time around we'll be discussing time travel and alternate dimensions, and how to create & write them effectively. The class is six week, and has proven to be a very popular one. Learn more and sign up on line at Hugo House -
As a primer, here are some of my own personal thoughts and ideas on this popular, controversial, and timely (sorry about that) subject.

Time Travel 
BJ Neblett 

            “Time is a function of observation.” BJ Neblett

Each of us exist in one specific timeline within a universe or dimension to which we belong. This universe and timeline is our home-time. As we move through time, (time travel) we move into one of any number of parallel or non-parallel universes. Parallel universes contain either parallel timelines or non-parallel time lines which may be similar, but not necessarily identical to our own.

Parallel Universes/Dimensions
Parallel time lines are those dimensions or universes which seem eerily like our own. Upon first entering, one might think that they have not left their own home-time. However, there almost always are small, and some not so minor differences.
Non-parallel time lines are also like our own but differ strikingly in that they are experiencing a different passage of time from our own. While we may have left New York City, Planet Earth in the 21st century, we may find ourselves landing in New York City, Planet Earth in the 18th or 15th century, or any other time passage, past or future. It is not that we have traveled into their past or future, it is that what appears to us to be their past or future, (their present) is happening at the same time as our own present.
We can move into one of these parallel universes, or dimensions, at any point of present, past or future. While the universes may seem as our own, there is one major difference: we are present only in our visitor sense. This is not our home-time, therefore we are simply visitors, as one would be traveling to a different country. We may encounter circumstances we are familiar with, and persons we think we know. We may even meet persons we recognize as our parents and other ancestors. However, we will be to them as strangers, as this is their home-time, and not our own. Further, we may have a basic knowledge of things which occurred in the past, or will occur in the future (within this parallel universe's past or future). However, there will be some subtle and some more striking changes and differences between our own home-time and the one into which we have entered. This is due at least in part to the results of cause and effect (causality).
So, can we affect change? Yes... and no. Any interaction which we may purposely or inadvertently commit while visiting this parallel universe or dimension, will affect only this timeline, not our own home-time. When we return to our own home-time, we will find simply that we have been gone for X amount of time, although time elapsed in our home-time may be different from the passage of time we observed while time traveling. For example, we may be told that we have been gone from our home-time for several days, while our watch, which traveled with us, may show only the passage of a few minutes or seconds. The inverse of this effect is also true. But we have not affected change to our home-time, except that some may have noted our absence. However, conversely, any traveler capable of traveling from their own home-time into our own, is capable of affecting change within our home-time.  
One may think of time travel as a traveler visiting another country. He may see sights familiar to him, but the people he encounters will not know him. His actions will have effect, only within the place he visits.

            Non-Parallel Universes/Dimensions
            Non-parallel universes and dimensions are those which exist completely independent and different from our own. Here we may find physical laws completely alien to our own. Here the possibilities, differences and similarities to our own universe are limitless. Here, as a visitor, we can be capable of affecting change, casually or purposely. And, again, the apparent passage of time may vary between the time traveler and his place of origin, his home-time.
            Any travel between non-parallel universes and dimensions may or may not be construed as time travel. Skipping through dimensions without an apparent change in time to the traveler is entirely possible; while, at the same time, moving through time and dimensions is equally possible.

If your an author, scientist, physicist, great thinker, or just have some views on time travel and alternate realities, come join the discussion!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Infinite Internet: We Are All Connected by BJ Neblett

You never know where you will pop up on the web these days. I have been honored with having my words featured on the Dr Martin Luther King Memorial Blog; some of my sayings used to caption beautiful, thought provoking images; my quotes repeated and re-printed in numerous articles, blogs and books, and used as inspirational messages; and those same words have even been found posted on the wall of a suburban London subway station for all to read. And of course, my books and short stories have found themselves around the world, translated into numerous languages. But what follows proves that we are truly a global community, and what goes around comes around.
In 2010, researcher Angelica Ortiz de Gortari coined the term, Game Transfer Phenomena. GTP refers to the effects of extreme video gaming. Dr. Angelica can explain it better than me, so I'll let her tell you in her own words:

I coined the term “Game Transfer Phenomenon/a” (GTP) in my original study on GTP in 2010 to describe automatic thoughts, altered sensory perceptions and automatic behaviours transferred from the virtual and the physical world.
                            Angelica Ortiz de Gortari from

Late in 2016 I watched fascinated as my friend, fellow author Alissa Berger intently played a newly acquired video game. What followed was an extended discussion on video games and video game addiction. Over the next few weeks an idea for a new book began to develop in my brain. By early 2017 I had begun work on what would become my latest book, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess. However I had no idea where my ideas and writing would take me. That question was soon answered by pianist and radio host John Tesh.
Tesh's Intelligence For Your Life daily broadcasts feature tips and information on helping you make a better life. Topics range from weight loss to safe driving to the newest fads. And one of those interesting topics just happen to be on video game addiction and a new study being conducted on something called Game Transfer Phenomena, or GTP. And GTP was the perfect hook for Planet Alt-Sete-Nine!

Fast forward about a year and a half, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess is published and selling out to rave reviews and I'm busy working on book two Princess Haylee. And what do I stumble upon? Dr. Angelica Ortiz de Gortari's blog site and a very nice mention of my book Planet Alt-Sete-Nine and its use of Game Transfer Phenomena! Did someone say, "Small world?"

I urge you to read Dr. Angelica's blog, and the page on my book. Here's the link: Dr. Angelica's research makes for some very interesting, timely and a bit frightening reading. Some things all parents with kids into video gaming need to know.

Thanks for the mention Doc, I look forward to reading more of your research. Drop me a line and I'll send you that signed copy of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine.

Monday, September 24, 2018

New Book, New Book Signing, New Exciting Class by BJ Neblett

This will be short and sweet as I am soon off to another convention to meet and greet you, my loyal readers. More on that in a minute, but first...
By now I'm sure you've noticed the book cover on the left. This is a new compilation of fantastic literature, bringing together fifteen of my best short stories. Wouldn't It Be Funny If... cracks open the door on alternate realities, releasing all sorts of troubles on the unsuspecting characters. Ever hear of a cell phone that can cast spells? How about an enchanted laptop with a mind of its own? Ever wonder what it might be like to be confined within the cold stone walls of Atlanta State Penitentiary... on Halloween Night? Or what runs through a mind on the brink of suicide? It's all chillingly here and more, fifteen fantastic tales for fantastic minds that dare to ask, Wouldn't It Be Funny If... Available now in all E-book formats. Simply click the links to Smashwords, or visit you favorite on line E-book seller. And, please don't forget to leave a review!
This coming weekend, September 28 - 30, I will be attending the Authors and Autographs Show, as part of the annual Everett Home and Gift Show, in Everett, Washington. The convention is three great shows in one, spotlighting the latest in home decor and furnishings; gifts and crafts for the coming holidays, and of course, dozens of popular authors and their latest offerings. Come by for a day full of fun, say hello and pick up signed copies of my books, including Planet Alt-Sete Nine: The Lost Princess. Just click the links!
Finally, I have a new, fun class coming up in November. As most of your already know, I teach writing at Seattle's famed Hugo House for Writers. Starting Monday, November 5, I'll be once again teaching a very fun class, Time Travel and Alternate Realities In Fiction. If you're a sci-fi/fantasy writer; have some definite ideas on how time travel and alternate reality works, or just want to partake in some lively, and often heated discussions on the subject, then this class is for you. But sign up soon... this has proven to be a very popular class... and time waits for no one! Once again, just click and follow the links!
Oh, and one more thing. I am still offering signed copies of book one of my reality bending series, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine. Follow the link to get your personalize copy delivered to your door!
Till next time, hope to see you in Everett this weekend.

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Signings And Signed Copies Of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine Available On Line by BJ Neblett

Signings And Signed Copies Of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine Available On Line by BJ Neblett

Hello once again! Hope you are surviving the summer heat, curled up in some cool shady spot with a good book... like maybe my own just released dimension bending contemporary fantasy Planet Alt-Sete-Nine! What? You haven't gotten your copy yet? Well this is one time your procrastination has rewarded you!
First off you can now order your very own personal signed copy of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine directly from me! Just jump over to my web site by clicking the link at the right or clicking here. From there just follow the link and the directions. Signed copies are available for just $16, which includes tax and shipping. If you'd like your copy a bit more personal please be sure to include your name (or whomever's name you are giving it to, makes a great present!) Sorry but due to shipping costs and other concerns this offer is available only in the continental United States. But the good news is my site accepts all major credit cards and PayPal!
If you are in the Seattle/Portland area, you can get your copy of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine along with all my other books and have them signed in person! I'll be having a release party/signing at the Ballard Mox Boarding House and Game Emporium, on Saturday, August 11, 2018 from 3 PM to 8 PM. Mox is a great place to relax, grab a drink and some food and play all your favorite games, right there in their spacious quarters. Mox Boarding House is located at 5105 Leary Ave NW in the Ballard section of Seattle. For more info you can contact them at 206-523-9605 or just click this link: Mox Boarding House.
Next up I'll once again be attending the Authors and Autographs event at the Everett Fall Home Show in Everett Washington. The event will take place September 28 - 30, 2018, at the Xfinity Arena in Everett. Watch here and my web page for more information.
Mark down November 9 - 11, 2018 on your space calendars for OryCon 40! OryCon is Oregon's premier fantasy/sci-fi convention, bringing together everything of, and not of this earth in the way of space, science fiction, fantasy, cosplay, gaming and more. This year it will be held at the Red Lion Hotel Jantzen Beach, in Portland. Just click the links for more info on both OryCon and the Red Lion Hotel.
I'm hoping to see you at one or more of these events. And keep watching here and my web page for more upcoming events.

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine by BJ Neblett

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine 
by BJ Neblett

My newest book, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess is out and selling out! It is the first in the Planet Alt-Sete-Nine series with book two Princess Haylee slated for a Christmas 2018 release. Already receiving critical acclaim, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine has been called the new standard by which all forthcoming fantasy/sci-fi books will be judged.
Bending dimensions in new directions, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess takes a hard and innovative look at the real-world challenges of alternate realities, artificial intelligence and video game addiction, as Jake, a world class game designer frantically races to save his girlfriend Haylee from the very video game he has designed!
Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is available in paperback and eBook, on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel as well as your favorite book store. For more info, check out
Look for me this year at several conventions including OryCon in Portland, OR, in October and at Authors and Autographs at the Everette Fall Home Show, Everette, WA, September/October.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ebook! Ghost Writing and New Classes by BJ Neblett

Ebook! Ghost Writing and New Classes
by BJ Neblett

Well, we are half way there. Planet Alt-Sete-Nine The Lost Princess is now an ebook. It is available wherever ebooks are sold including Amazon; Barnes and Nobel; Smashwords; Espresso Book Machines, and more. To find out more about my latest work, and to keep up with further releases in the Planet Alt-Sete-Nine series, keep watching here and check out the web page by clicking here: Planet Alt-Sete-Nine. Spoiler alert: book two Princess Haylee is tentatively scheduled for a late fall release, in time for Christmas! You can also learn about up coming release parties, signings, readings and more. If everything goes well, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine The Lost Princess will be out in paperback in June, just in time for Father's Day and your summer reading fun! And, oh, please be sure to leave a review!

For those struggling writers out there and for everyone who has a story to tell, my friend Karen Cole has a wonderful ghost writing service. I'll let her tell you about it in her own words.

GHOST WRITER, INC. is an online ghostwriting services agency. Karen S. Cole has run Ghost Writer, Inc. since January of 2003. It began as Rainbow Writing, Inc. and Karen re-branded it in 2011. GWI does books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts. TV and film work, music, lyrics, soundtracks, treatments, analysis. Cover art and interiors, all needed written copy associated with books and screenplays. Email me at (remember, only one "w" in rainbowriting!)

Full ghostwriting and editing services of almost anything. You name it, we do it! GWI also does marketing, promotions, sales, publishing, optioning and production assistance services. We will strive to get you in line with what you need. All done at highly affordable rates, fees and prices. For the rest of 2018 we are offering Half Price on series books, for at least three books. This varies, but could run say $7,500 USD per each 200-300 page book in a related series. We will also work to get your book series self or commercially published.

Finally, the Hugo House summer course catalog is now available on line. As always, the famous writer's home is offering a wealth of courses aimed at writers of all levels and genres. I will be teaching two classes this semester: Writing Effective Dialogue and The Art of Editing. Both will be starting Sunday July 15, and run for six consecutive Sundays through August 18, and will follow one another for those who are interested in taking both classes. For more information simply click the highlighted links.

Thanks, and as always, feel free to link, like and share!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sneak Peak At My New Book Cover by BJ Neblett

Sneak Peak At My New Book Cover by BJ Neblett

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine a compelling adult contemporary fantasy.

Jake is a young up and coming game designer for a major video game company. He gives a beta version of his latest creation, an advanced game called Planet Alt-Sete-Nine to his girlfriend Haylee for testing. However it isn't long before Haylee is completely engrossed with playing the sophisticated game, to the exclusion of everything else. To Jake's horror, Haylee soon loses her memory, finding it impossible to distinguish between reality and the alternate reality of the game. Meanwhile, the game's programmed groundbreaking artificial intelligence seems to be taking over not only the game, but Haylee’s life as well. Complicating matters are Jake's bosses pressuring him to get the game finished for market. The scene and chapters switch between the action of the game being played out on Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, and the couple's deteriorating relationship, as Jake frantically races to find answers to Haylee’s gaming addiction and the out of control artificial intelligence. Frustrated, Jake is driven into the consoling arms of his oldest and closest friend Barb who just happens to be Haylee’s rival for Jake’s affections. In the end, Jake loses Haylee to the video game. But has she simply run away or has she been swept off to the land of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine?

“A richly imagined fantasy tale that grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let go.”
                                                            K.J. McPike author of the Souls Untethered saga

“A gripping tale of the potential for artificial intelligence to undo the established order, taking us through a wonderfully imagined, captivating interface between reality and the virtual reality of next-generation video games. A page turner par excellence.”
                                                            Adrian Winstanley author High Hopes Silver Linings

Look for Planet Alt-Sete-Nine Summer, 2018. And coming Winter, 2019, Princess Haylee, book two of the The Lost Princess series.

Please feel free to re-post and pass along this blog. Thanks!
BJ Neblett

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Book New Class and A New Author by BJ Neblett

New Book, New Classes and A New Author
by BJ Neblett

Hello! I realize it has been quite some time, but I do have an excuse… a reason… ok, an explanation for my tardiness: in a word, work. Need I say more? But in this case work refers, at least in part, to writing.
Let me explain.
This spring/summer will see the release of my new book. Yes, the same one you have all been anticipating and asking me about. Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is book one of a trilogy, and to be perfectly honest, I wanted to not only make it as near perfect as possible, but to get a good head start on book two before the release of book one. We, my publisher BrightonPublishing, and I are working on the next to last (hopefully) edits and putting together a stunning cover design to grace what many of my beta readers have termed a modern fantasy classic. (blush blush blush)
Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is a contemporary fantasy which blurs the lines between the realities of virtual reality and alternate realities. Confused? Ok, here’s a peak at a possible back cover book blurb:

School teacher Haylee is a happy, normal, slightly geeky twenty something with more than a passing fascination for fantasy video gaming. But when her boyfriend Jake asks her to beta test a new game he is developing for his company, the lines between fantasy and reality soon begin to blur. She is drawn deeper into the game’s ground breaking virtual reality, alienating herself from friends and family. Even the renowned Dr. Cochran, a leading expert on video game addiction, is at a loss to explain Haylee’s strange and erratic behavior. As Haylee explores the mystical Planet Alt-Sete-Nine for an elusive princess, Jake frantically searches for a way to hold on to Haylee and her tenuous grasp with reality. Can the powerful Wizardess Azami le Blanc unravel the mystery of the Al-téarièn people? Or will the fierce warrior Cailey be Haylee’s salvation?

Watch here for more on release date!

Part two of my tardiness also concerns work, only in this case my teaching duties at Seattle’s Hugo House for Writers. I have been busy teaching several classes, which is both a bane and blessing in disguise. I love teaching writing and have found my Sunday’s lately taken up with classes that include Editing, Writing Effective Time Travel, my current class, Short Stories and Shorter Stories. My next class has proven to be a very popular one: Creating Effective Characters In Fiction. It starts Sunday, April 15, and runs for six consecutive Sundays from 10 AM to Noon. Registration opens March 6 and usually fills up fast. Visit Hugo House for more information on this and other upcoming classes I will be teaching through the summer, including Editing, Dialogue, Time Travel and more. (it never hurts if you mention that you heard about it here on my blog!)

Finally, I have been honored by a quote from a short story of mine called George appearing in a recently released book. Adrian Winstanley, a very capable writer, has crafted an entertaining, funny and touching memoir in High HopesSilver Linings. During the wonderful tour that has been his life, we learn of a particularly dark period when my words, as quoted to him by a caring nurse, moved Mr. Winstanley to re-assess his very existence. I highly recommend High Hopes Silver Linings. It is available through most books stores including Barnes & Noble, and, as always,

BJ Neblett