Thursday, October 24, 2019

Jet City Comic Show! by BJ Neblett

Hello again. Just a quick reminder that this weekend I will be attending the Jet City Comic Show! This is the 10th annual show, held at the Tacoma, Washington Convention Center, 1500 Broadway, Tacoma, Washington. Stop by my booth where I'll be selling and signing personal copies of my latest novel Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, along with copies of my other books. Convention hours are Saturday, October 26, from 10 AM to 6 PM, and Sunday, October 27, from 10 AM to 5 PM.
Jet City Comic Show is one of the area's premier family friendly comic/sci-fi/fantasy conventions, drawing thousands of fans from all over the Pacific Northwest. For more information click over to their web site here:
Hope to see you there!
And while we are at it... mark down November 8 - 10 for OryCon 41, to be held at the Red Lion Hotel On The River in Portland!

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Post Modernism Or New Millennialism Part One by BJ Neblett

Post Modernism Or New Millennialism Part One by BJ Neblett
            Ok, so millennials are taking the heat for a lot of things these days, from living with their parents, to not driving, to the demise of tuna fish. Grant it, this younger generation does seem to have its own set of rules, interests, preferences, and priorities. When it comes to things like Ubers, home meal deliveries, on line shopping and most new things techie, we do owe a debt of gratitude to those born between 1981 and 1997. But then again, can’t the same be said of all generations?

            I vividly remember my own younger years, being judgmentally scrutinized by my seniors for the often-questionable things my generation brought into the world. I’m a baby boomer, so I’ll let you fill in the blanks, both positive and negative. But I am also a writer of some notoriety and teach classes on writing. As such some of the changes I’ve noticed wrought by these millennials are of a literary nature. Note: not necessarily a bad thing.

            Specifically, I have noticed a shift in writing style, perspective, theme and technique among literary millennials as well as the previous generation, often referred to as Gen-Xers. I feel this movement away from the more traditional Modernism and Post-Modernism disciplines has become large and strong enough to warrant its own literary classification. Therefore, I proffer: New Millennialism. Spoiler alert, or perhaps jibber jabber warning: The following is about to get very esoteric. Non-nerdy types be forewarned.

Intrigued? Check back here in a few days or so for Part Two!

PS: Feel free to use the term New Millinnealism with, of course the proper citations, namely... me!


Friday, February 1, 2019

New Interview and Looking Ahead by BJ Neblett

Hello, it's been some time. That is mainly due to the fact that convention and comic con season is drawing near and Ive been busy preparing. More on that in a moment but first...
I have a new interview that went live today for your listening pleasure. Paul Brodie, author and pod-caster interviewed me recently about my latest book, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine The Lost Princess, and the problems and trials of getting published. Paul is a professional who has dedicated himself to helping struggling writers. You can check him out, and learn more about his pod-casts here:
As for my own interview with Paul, you can listen to it here: Hope you enjoy. Be sure to let me know what you think and be sure to pass along the link!

As mentioned, I will be attending numerous Sci-fi/fantasy conventions, as well as comic cons and book and literary conventions. Here is just a partial list of the shows I plan to attend. Check back here as well as my web page for updates.
March 14-17 Emerald City Comic Con Seattle (tentative)
April 27-28 Medford City (Oregon) Comic Con
August 3 For The Love Of Books Seattle
September 13-15 Rose City Comic Con Oregon
October 26-27 Jet City Comic Con Tacoma
November 8-10 Ory Con Portland, Oregon
November 16-17 Geek Girl Con Seattle

This is just a partial, working list. For more info on the above events simply Google the event name.