Saturday, October 17, 2015

Gallbladders, New Stories, New Store, Surgery and Appearances by BJ Neblett

Recently, I had a fairly serious gallbladder attack. This came almost exactly two years to the day to a similar incident which I spoke of right here. (Blog: Saturday23, 2013, Stepping Out Of Format For A Moment) Regular readers of mine know well the large part irony plays in my life. I’ll leave the comments, like sleeping dogs, lie, and simply say I believe my altruism that day two years ago was not only tested but cursed. That curse has come to fruition. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished. I have an appointment with a surgeon this week and we’ll discuss possible dates. At this point I am sure it would be wish full thinking to expect the young lady in question to return the favor. I am not a fan of spending time in hospitals, visitor or otherwise, and yes, all things considered, am a bit apprehensive.
If you recall I am also destined to have Tommy John surgery on my pitching arm. (Blog:Friday, July 24, 2015, A Question Of Age…) I wonder what the possibilities are of getting it all done at once. And, while softball season has ended, it is also a busy time for me with speaking engagements and writing. Among other obligations, I have been asked once again to speak at the Ballard (Seattle) Branch Library’s excellent monthly series, It’s About Time. I’ll be the lead speaker and will talk on the art of Flash Fiction. If you are in the area, please come join us. It is free, lasting just a couple of hours, and will be on Thursday, December 10, 2015, at 6 PM.
Also, in December, the new issue of Paradox Ethereal Magazine will feature a powerful fiction story of mine. I’ll post a reminder as time gets closer for both events.
For those of you looking to find that certain elusive book, Rain City Video has now expanded its operations to include a nifty used book and reading area! Known for years for their large selection of new and classic videos, you can now curl up in an overstuffed chair and enjoy the vintage ambiance with a good read in hand. And here you will also find all of my releases, along with those of my friend KJ McPike, as well as all the latest from other Ballard area writers. Zoe and the gang have done a great job at Rain City Video, located at 6412 32nd Ave NW, in the Ballard/Loyal Heights section of Seattle. If you can't stop by you can contact them at 206-789-0132 or via email: Check out their large, ever growing  selection of new and vintage videos and books at and And be sure to tell them you heard about it right here!
Finally, my career as a romance writer seems to be moving along very well, thank you. And no one is as surprised as I am! As a character in one of my own stories once quipped, “The two greatest assets a writer can have are an unbridled imagination and to have lived an unabashed life.” I definitely qualify on both counts. I have a new story in October’s Romance Magazine. As always, you may click the image to the right for the link. A link to my other romance and fiction stories, books, publications, etc. can be found just below the magazine image. Please be sure to leave comments here as well as at Amazon and on the publisher’s site. Every little bit helps! Maybe someday all of this will even pay the bills.
I’m presently working on a new short story to publish here in a week or two so stay tuned. In the mean time, thank you for reading. Pop over to my poetry blog (Blog: Here For A Season) for a newly posted poem. And of course be sure to link, like, comment and share the love. Keep those cards and letters coming!