Tuesday, March 6, 2018

New Book New Class and A New Author by BJ Neblett

New Book, New Classes and A New Author
by BJ Neblett

Hello! I realize it has been quite some time, but I do have an excuse… a reason… ok, an explanation for my tardiness: in a word, work. Need I say more? But in this case work refers, at least in part, to writing.
Let me explain.
This spring/summer will see the release of my new book. Yes, the same one you have all been anticipating and asking me about. Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is book one of a trilogy, and to be perfectly honest, I wanted to not only make it as near perfect as possible, but to get a good head start on book two before the release of book one. We, my publisher BrightonPublishing, and I are working on the next to last (hopefully) edits and putting together a stunning cover design to grace what many of my beta readers have termed a modern fantasy classic. (blush blush blush)
Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is a contemporary fantasy which blurs the lines between the realities of virtual reality and alternate realities. Confused? Ok, here’s a peak at a possible back cover book blurb:

School teacher Haylee is a happy, normal, slightly geeky twenty something with more than a passing fascination for fantasy video gaming. But when her boyfriend Jake asks her to beta test a new game he is developing for his company, the lines between fantasy and reality soon begin to blur. She is drawn deeper into the game’s ground breaking virtual reality, alienating herself from friends and family. Even the renowned Dr. Cochran, a leading expert on video game addiction, is at a loss to explain Haylee’s strange and erratic behavior. As Haylee explores the mystical Planet Alt-Sete-Nine for an elusive princess, Jake frantically searches for a way to hold on to Haylee and her tenuous grasp with reality. Can the powerful Wizardess Azami le Blanc unravel the mystery of the Al-téarièn people? Or will the fierce warrior Cailey be Haylee’s salvation?

Watch here for more on release date!

Part two of my tardiness also concerns work, only in this case my teaching duties at Seattle’s Hugo House for Writers. I have been busy teaching several classes, which is both a bane and blessing in disguise. I love teaching writing and have found my Sunday’s lately taken up with classes that include Editing, Writing Effective Time Travel, my current class, Short Stories and Shorter Stories. My next class has proven to be a very popular one: Creating Effective Characters In Fiction. It starts Sunday, April 15, and runs for six consecutive Sundays from 10 AM to Noon. Registration opens March 6 and usually fills up fast. Visit Hugo House for more information on this and other upcoming classes I will be teaching through the summer, including Editing, Dialogue, Time Travel and more. (it never hurts if you mention that you heard about it here on my blog!)

Finally, I have been honored by a quote from a short story of mine called George appearing in a recently released book. Adrian Winstanley, a very capable writer, has crafted an entertaining, funny and touching memoir in High HopesSilver Linings. During the wonderful tour that has been his life, we learn of a particularly dark period when my words, as quoted to him by a caring nurse, moved Mr. Winstanley to re-assess his very existence. I highly recommend High Hopes Silver Linings. It is available through most books stores including Barnes & Noble, and, as always, Amazon.com.

BJ Neblett