Monday, January 16, 2017

New Release From A Great Author by BJ Neblett

Hello again. Today the spotlight is on a romance author friend of mine Renee Harless and her newest release Coming Alive.
For more info visit Renee on her Facebook page, and be sure to tell her BJ sent ya!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Reader's Catalogue And Back To Teaching by BJ Neblett

Reader’s Catalogue and Back To Teaching by BJ Neblett

Hello and happy New Year. Here is the overdue year end listing of all of my publications and where you can find them. Most everything is available through simply by searching my name. Please be sure to leave a review of anything you may read. Thanks in advance.
For those of you in the Seattle area, I will be teaching a class on short story and flash fiction writing, Short Stories & Shorter Stories at Hugo House forWriters. Classes will be Sunday’s from 10 AM till Noon and commence February 5, continuing through March 12. There is still time to register and plenty of room for more students. Click here for more info.
Looking ahead, I will be teaching my fiction writing class during the spring semester. Tentatively scheduled for Tuesday evenings, 5 PM till 7 PM, starting May 23, you can find more info by contacting Hugo House. This has proven to be one of my most popular classes and I hope you plan on joining us.
Finally, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is at the publisher, and the sequel, Princess Haylee is coming along great. Keep watching here for publication/release dates for these and more!

Available now:
Ice Cream Camelot                Memoir                                   
Elysian Dreams                      Contemporary urban fantasy adventure
2017 releases:
Planet Alt-Sete-Nine               Contemporary fantasy/alternate reality
Princess Haylee                      Contemporary fantasy/alternate reality
2017/2018 release:
Never Let A Vegetarian Pack Your Lunch (And Other Love Stories)
                                                Collection of romance stories

Short Stories:
Rain At The Intersection Of Tomorrow                   
                                                Beyond The Hedge Anthology          7-1-2016
The Girl With The Stars In Her Eyes                                   
                                                Paradox Ethereal Magazine                12-1-2016
Round Table                           Paradox Ethereal Magazine                6-1-2016
Summer Of Love                    Romance Magazine Vol 3 No 9          10-8-2015
No Boundaries                       Romance Magazine Vol 3 No 8          9-8-2015
The Man Who Wouldn’t Die
                                                Paradox Ethereal Magazine                8-27-2015
The Gift                                  Paradox Ethereal Magazine                6-1-2015
Seven Seconds                        eFiction Magazine Vol 6 No 4            7-1-2015
One-Eyed Redhead From Texas
                                                Romance Magazine Vol 3 No 4          5-8-2015
Crank Up The Wyrd              eFiction Magazine Vol 5 No 12          3-1-2015
Business As Usual                  Romance Magazine Vol 2 No 12        1-8-2015
Ponytail: Never Say Uncle     Romance Magazine Vol 2 No 7          8-8-2014
Tulips                                      Romance Magazine Vol 2 No 6          7-8-2014
Three Of A Kind                    Romance Magazine Vol 2 No 5          6-8-2014
All The Wrong Places            Romance Magazine Vol 2 No 2          3-8-2014
Rain                                        Romance Magazine Vol 1 No 10        12-8-2013
Satan’s Blood                         eFiction Magazine Vol 4 No 3            7-1-2013
Seven Seconds                        Northern Liberties Review                 4-1-2013