Monday, September 21, 2015

New Must Read From A New Author! by BJ Neblett

“The lives of a man are measured in his dreams.” That quote is from my new romance story Wind. More than just a romantic notion, what we dream, awake as well as asleep, says much about the person. Or, as Edgar Allen Poe put it: “They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.” (Eleonora) I recently had the pleasure of meeting and working with a wonderful dreamer, KJ McPike. Besides being able to call KJ, or Kelly my friend, it was my honor to help edit her first novel. Xodus is first in the Astralis series of books. In this thrilling initial installment, young Lali discovers she is capable of astral projection. Soon, with the assistance of a strange new acquaintance, the teen is off on an exciting and perilous journey to find her long lost mother.
KJ has crafted an original and thought provoking first effort with the skill of a veteran writer. With well fleshed characters, believable action and thought provoking twists, she manages to keep the plot moving and the pages turning. At story’s conclusion, readers are left fully satisfied yet wanting more. And book two is well in the works. While labeled YA, or Young Adult Fiction, Xodus will appeal to a wide range of readers, young to old, of all genres.
Xodus by KJ McPike is rated PG-13 and is published by Terracotta Rose Publishing, and is available through Amazon and book stores everywhere. For more information on Xodus, the Astralis Series and KJ McPike simple follow the links below.
Look for a new story as well as information on my own future publications right here shortly.

BJ Neblett

KJ McPike Bio:
K.J. MCPIKE is the author of the Young Adult Paranormal Fiction novel XODUS, the first in her Astralis series. She has also written short stories and several articles that appeared in Western Horse & Gun magazine, formerly known as Western Shooting Horse. K.J. has a habit of moving across (and out of) the country, and to date, she has lived in 11 different states and visited 9 countries. Despite her nomadic tendencies, she spends at least a few months out of the year in Seattle, where she regularly consumes too much caffeine and is more likely to be found in a coffee shop than her own apartment.

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