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Dodecahedron Universe or The Twelve Dodecaverses Explained by BJ Neblett

Dodecahedron Universe or The Twelve Dodecaverses Explained

by BJ Neblett

© 2020 by BJ Neblett

And now for something completely different! This is how sci-fi/fantasy writer's minds work when they aren't writing.

Ready for some late-night musings and ramblings? Ok, here goes, but if it keeps you up at night or gets you into arguments I'm not responsible!

The universe, as we know and understand it, is a series of dodecahedrons. There are a total of twelve dodecahedrons, each ‘floating’ inside one another, much the same as Russian Nesting Dolls.

Each dodecahedron has 12 faces, 20 vertices or ‘points’, and 30 edges.

Each of the 12 dodecahedrons is a ‘Dodecaverse’.

Each ‘Dodecaverse’ is of a malleable type consistency, changeable and expandable, while still retaining the basic dodecahedron shape. They ‘float’ in space and may bump into one another.

Each face is a separate universe unto itself, as known to those inhabiting that ‘universe’.

Each of these individual universes are a ‘Twelthverse’.

12 ‘twelthverses’ make up one dodecaverse

There are 12 dodecaverses each with 12 ‘twelthverses’ for a total of 144 ‘twelthverses’.

Each dodecaverse has 30 edges. This is the area where 2 twelthverses touch.

There are 12 dodecaverses each with 30 edges for a total of 360 edges.

Each dodecaverse also has 20 vertices or points. This is where 3 twelthverses come together.

There are 12 dodecaverses each with 20 vertices for a total of 240 vertices or points.

Each edge and point is an area where 2 or 3 twelthverses come together, and thus a place where one may cross over into a different universe or twelthverse.

On each dodecaverse there are 50 areas of crossover or ‘Intraverse’ (20 vertices or points and 30 edges). Intraverse travel may be possible.

Also, as each dodecaverse floats inside of the other, they sometimes encounter one another. This contact provides a bridge to cross between dodecaverses, called Interverse. Interverse travel may also be possible.

Dodecaverses are numbered 1 through 12 from the inside out.

Our own universe, or twelthverse, as we know it, is located on the 6th dodecaverse, on Twelthverse-6-Three.

From our vantage point, we are constantly looking ‘in’ or ‘into’ our dodecaverse, Dodecaverse-Six. We have yet to learn to look out or outside of our dodecaverse towards Dodecaverses 7 through 12.

The planets, stars, suns, and other bodies visible to us from our place in Twelthverse-6-Three are all part of our twelthverse.

All the dodecaverses are expanding at similar, but non-equal, non-constant rates. New dodecaverses may form inside the smallest or Dodecaverse-1. There may already be other dodecaverses within Dodecaverse One too small for us to comprehend. ie: Expanding Universe Theory.

At the beginning or Big Bang, Dodecaverse-1 (as we know it today) was formed by expanding waves of cosmic material. These waves continue to this day, causing the dodecaverses to expand and creating new ones. ie: Big Bang Theory 

Confused yet?

This is an expanded view for clarity. Each dodecaverse 'fits' inside the next. And relative sizing is for example only as well.


1)  The other 11 twelthverses on our dodecaverse (Dodecaverse-6) may be considered as different dimensions within the same dodecaverse. These dimensions may be anywhere from similar or parallel, to different or non-parallel from our own dimension. It is quite possible that the further away from one’s home twelthverse into other twelthverses or dimensions, the more dissimilar they may become. The five twelthverses bordering our own (Twelthverses-6-One, 6-Two, 6-Four, 6-Five, 6-Six) may be only slightly different from ours, with each differing from the other. The other twelthverses which do not border ours (Twelthverse-6-Seven, 6-Eight, 6-Nine, 6-Ten, 6-Eleven, 6-Twelve) would be much more dissimilar from ours, with each being different from the other, but slightly alike the ones they touch.

2)    The other dodecaverses ‘inside’ of our own may represent our past, each one a step, linear or non-linear, further back then the other. Dodecaverse-1 being further into our past than Dodecaverse-5. As we move further into our future, the passage of time as we understand it, more dodecaverses are formed within what we know at this moment in time as Dodecaverse-1.

3)  It is possible, if a future does exist simultaneously with our present, that the ‘outer’ dodecaverses (Dodecaverse-7 through 12) is that future. The nearest, Dodecaverse-7 being a near future and the furthest, Dodecaverse-12 being the distant future.

Ok, I warned you. Questions? Comments? Please feel free to comment below. If I have any more sleepless revelations I'll be sure to let you know!

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