Monday, May 29, 2017

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by BJ Neblett

Your summer fun starts at Hugo House with a trip to the past and into the future! Ever wonder about time travel? Ever wish you could go back and change something; or maybe see what tomorrow and the next day and the day after have in store? Ever be deeply engrossed in the latest sci-fi thriller only to have it ruined by an implausible, even ridiculous time travel scenario? Ever get tripped up in your writing about time travel? My next class, Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Writing Believable Time Travel In Sci-fi and Fantasy, is a class you won't want to miss. We will address the popular beliefs, myths and facts about time travel; look at the problems and pitfalls of traveling to another time; examine the writings of some of the best and most popular sci-fi writers in the business, plus have open discussions about our own beliefs and feelings on the subject. There will even be guest lecturers revealing how they make their own time travel tales believable and engaging.
Classes start Tuesday, July 18th, and run for six weeks, every Tuesday night, 7 til 9 PM, at Seattle's Hugo House. For more info, and to sign up click here to check out their site. But get on it... this promises to be a fun and popular class and will fill up soon. Don't be stuck in the past!

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