Friday, March 6, 2015

New Stories Published! by BJ Neblett

Thanks to one an all for a very fun and successful series of posts on love during February. If you missed any, or would just like to revisit a favorite with someone special, just check the blog archives on the right. You can also search for your favorite blog utilizing the search tool above. Be sure to check back regularly for new stories and poems and more!
Now, for me, it's back to the business at hand... writing! To that end I have a new romance story published in Romance Magazine AND a new short fantasy piece in this month's eFiction Magazine! Just click the links above the images! And always... be sure to link, like, comment and share the love. Your feedback is what keeps my fertile brain working overtime!

        Crank Up The Wyrd                                                          Business As Usual
             by BJ Neblett                                                                    by BJ Neblett

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