Friday, January 11, 2013

The Chase by BJ Neblett

The Chase
by BJ Neblett
© 1992, 2013

            Does the Coyote live or survive? Would his life be better without the Roadrunner, or would his life be meaningless? Does he need the Roadrunner or does the Roadrunner need the Coyote?
            Why does the Coyote keep climbing back up from the abyss when he knows his fate is to fall again? Or does he know? Is the Coyote a slave to his desires, wants, needs; or merely a product of his own existence?
            Without the Roadrunner would the Coyote continue to live… or exist… or survive? Could the Roadrunner exist without the Coyote? Would the Coyote be the Coyote without the Roadrunner?
            Should the Coyote, knowing that he is to never catch the Roadrunner, continue to try; or should he redirect his efforts? And if the Coyote were to redirect his efforts would he still be the Coyote… or something less… or something different?
            Do the ends justify the means? Is the reality as good as the fantasy? Is it the present or the wrappings that hold the attraction? Is it the reward or the competition that keeps the Coyote going?
            If the Coyote catches the Roadrunner, what then? Is there another Roadrunner somewhere for the Coyote to pursue… perhaps bigger… even more elusive?
            When does it end… or does it?
            Does the Coyote cease to exist if he stops chasing the Roadrunner? Does the Coyote cease to live once he has caught the Roadrunner? Is the Roadrunner meant to be caught?
            Does the Roadrunner actually exist… or does he just live in the mind of the Coyote?
            Does the Coyote actually exist? Or does he just live in the minds of those who believe in… or need… the chase in order to live… or exist… or survive?
            If the Coyote and Roadrunner didn’t exist would there be a need to invent them?
            I think so.

                                                                                                Houston, Texas
                                                                                                June, 1992

Thanks to Charles M Jones for endless hours of laughter and sleepless nights of contemplation.


  1. Great post, Charles - a timeless question :-) I have to agree with your extrapolated end - if they didn't exist, there would be a need to invent them. It's what we humans do.

  2. Thanks Peggy, Chuck would agree completely, it is definitely what we humans do. And for those who have been living in a cave for the past 70 years... Charles M Jones (1933-2001)(Chuck to his friends) was one of Warner brothers leading animators and animation directors. He is responsible for unleashing on us such unforgettable characters as Yosemite Sam, Marvin Martian, the Tasmanian Devil, and, yes, the Roadrunner and Wiley Coyote. He and I once spent a long, enjoyable evening discussing what I wrote above over a bottle of vintage scotch.