Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quick Update by BJ Neblett

Look for a year end tally and run down of all of my stories and books and where you can find them this weekend. Right now I have a couple of quick items to share. As always, click the links!
Fellow writer and blogger Jessica Collins has posted a very nice interview she did with me on her blog site. Be sure to check it out and leave a comment. And while you are there, give a look at this wonderful writer's home page and her Facebook page. Tell her I sent you!
I mentioned here before that I will be teaching a course in short story writing, Short Stories And Shorter Stories starting in February at Seattle's Hugo House For Writers. Click here for schedule and details. We'll I am pleased to announce I have been asked to return for the Spring Semester. I'll be teaching Intro To Fiction. Check back here and at Hugo House for details as time nears.
Finally, I have said it before and I guess I will keep saying it... I am always surprised, indeed overwhelmed at how far my words sometimes travel and how they are used. I'll let the following email I received this week speak for itself. Again, check back here in the near future for more info.

Message : I am writing a memoir which will include an account of my treatment for cancer, when I was helped and moved by a nurse quoting "We are the sum total of our experiences...." from "George". I wonder if I might have your permission to reproduce that paragraph (up to "..nor  will be tomorrow") in my book. With many thanks in anticipation. Kind regards.

Thanks and peace.

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  1. Well done, BJ. Best wishes for Christmas and the new year, mate.