Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Great New Story, Great Catch And Green Graffiti

          I’ve been told I am a great catch. Trouble is I keep getting thrown back. Perhaps it is because writers are a weird breed. I’m allowed to say that as I am considered a writer. If that dubious classification carries with it anything beyond the obvious – and perhaps not so obvious distinction of being strange – I’m not certain. I am fairly certain that writers think, act and behave differently from normal people, including a strong proclivity towards the dramatic. Again, I know. Recently I found myself doodling quotes on a local park bench – no worries: the green ink was environmentally friendly and would soon be vanquished by sun and rain. Hence was born the term Green Graffiti, a sort of literate tagging: defacing public property with non-damaging words of sentiment and encouragement. Later, as I sat watching the varied and intriguing reactions of those discovering my words of wisdom, a plot began to unfold. And soon, a new short story, No Boundaries was born. I told you writers are a weird breed.
           Inspiration is a fleeting commodity; the muse an elusive mistress. Both strike when we least expect. A recent heartache resulted in numerous short stories and poetry, some of my best work – thanks Kristin. The world around us is full of inspiration as fact is indeed stranger than fiction. One just needs to learn to recognize it when it appears. I’ve been blessed with plenty of opportunities for inspiration. All things considered, whether that is good or bad is debatable. Whether I’d rather have the beautifully inspired prose, or their beautiful inspiration is a question I’ve managed to so far avoid facing. I hope the answer is an obvious one.
          Whatever the means or inspiration, you my loyal readers are the lucky beneficiaries of my inspirations, be them good or no so. No Boundaries, my latest romance short story is now available in this month’s (September, Vol. 3 No. 8) Romance Magazine. As always, this issue is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the publisher Fiction Magazines. Simply click the image to the right!
         And since we are already deeply mired in shameless self-promotion, all of my publications, magazines, books and poetry can be found by clicking the BJ’s Publications link on the right, just below the image of Romance Magazine. And oh, I have another story which will be published in the new issue of Paradox Ethereal Magazine, available December 1. Enjoy.
            Thanks. I will leave you with another piece of cerebral musing:

            “Leave the door to your mind wide open. But keep the screen door shut. This way you can see everything that is going on around you, let in only that which you want, and keep everything inside from running out.”

                        BJ Neblett

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