Friday, August 1, 2014

Measuring Success/No Kindle Required/Links by BJ Neblett

Measuring Success/No Kindle Required/Links
BJ Neblett
© 2014

            Success: the elusive, amorphous commodity that has just as many definitions and explanations as individuals in pursuit. Exactly how do we measure success? More to the point, how do I measure my success?
            I call myself a writer, and rightfully so, since I write. I have two traditionally published books; numerous short stories appearing in on line as well as print magazines; poetry featured in a national anthology and well respected sites as the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Blog Site; plus two extremely popular blogs. My writing has inspired and captioned some breathtaking photography, as well as being used as standalone inspirational quotes worldwide.
            Does this make me a success? With the exception of my local Starbucks and book seller, I am not someone you’d immediately recognize on the street.
            Writers do what comes naturally to them: they write. The reasons can be as varied and numerous as the number of writers you ask. But they all have one thing in common: they write because they have to write. To not write is not an option. I tell my students to be a writer one needs to do one thing: write. Being read does not a writer make. However, being read can possibly measure the success of a writer… or can it?
            In the past two months I have had: three short stories, several articles and some poetry published. Several of these were at the request of others to contribute something because they enjoy and admire my writing. My blogs have become two of the most viewed. And I continue to be quoted in some interesting and humbling ways.
            Does this make me a success?
            So far, royalties and profits from all of this have amounted to exactly nothing.
            Does this make me a failure?
            I suppose it all goes back to how you chose to define success.
            To me, the fact that you, dear reader, are reading this, and will most likely click the links to view more of my writings, and stories, and poems, and quotes, is success. I am a writer and a success. And I thank you!

No Kindle?
            It has been brought to my attention that many of you wish to enjoy my romance and other stories appearing in eFiction and Romance magazines but do not have the Kindle, Nook or other reading device required. Never fear! Below is a link to the publisher. Here you will find eFiction, Romance and other amazing magazines for purchase. Shortly after they appear on Amazon, they are available from the publisher as subscriptions and individual issues, in .pfd and other popular non-device formats, readable on your computer. And older issues containing my stories are available as well. Just click here:

            Finally, here are a couple of links to some interesting sites where you will find my articles as a guest blogger, plus a link to an older blog of mine featuring places my quotes have been used and found. Please, be sure to leave comments, likes and links, as the hosts of these wonderful blogs depend on them for growth.



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