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Waiting For Calliope by BJ Neblett

Waiting For Calliope
BJ Neblett
© 2014
            As a writer, it is always interesting to me where and how we find inspiration. Waiting for Calliope to return from a coffee break with her sisters can be frustrating. On the other hand, one never knows when, or from which dark corner the muse may spring. The last thing I expected Easter Sunday as I headed out for a stroll through the Sunday Farmer’s Market and coffee at Starbucks was to return home with a fully formed poem ready to be put to pen. And, as most writers will attest, once bitten, the motivation is nearly impossible to ignore. Paraphrasing Stephen King here, who was once asked why he writes: “… because not to is suicide.”
            Recently though, I have discovered the flip side of the creative process. It is every writer’s dream and desire to be published. But how many realize, let alone understand, that once a piece is unleashed into the public, it can, and often does, take on a life of its own? Following Google stats is one way of tracking the popularity, as well as the progress of one’s writings. A much more eye opening experience, however, can be Googling one self.
Quote: BJ Neblett Photo: Unattributed

           In the last few months, I have noticed, through Google Stats and other sources, a steep increase in blog readership in England. While new fans are always welcomed and appreciated, exactly where did these readers come from? What was the catalyst for being ‘discovered’ by the Brits? Google Stats, while informative and helpful, can take you only so far. Last week I Googled myself, something I do about once a month. (My publisher is a great advocate of ISO, Internet Search Optimization. His belief, and he is correct, is that the more presence your name has when searched for on the internet, the greater your reach as a writer). It is through regularly searching my name that I find the true extent of my humble words.
            I have found many of my quotes cited far across the net. My sage words have been used on sites as varied as Mama’s Health; Theo Fenraven Blog; Meetville, and Fanfiction. They have also been used to inspire and caption some very beautiful, stirring and thought provoking photographs. The realization that my simple scribbling has touched so many in so many different places, and in so many different ways, is at once flattering and humbling. The recent surge of my popularity in England is an interesting case in point.
Photo by David Baer

            Surfing for my name in the endless either of the internet, I stumbled upon an intriguing and entertaining site: Around The Tube In Eighty Posts. Alphabetically. It is from tubeforlols on Wordpress. It seems one Sandy Craig, blogging about his trips aboard the London Underground, discovered a ‘Thought For The Day’ posted in the Clapham North Station. The inspiring words, posted so prominently to tens of thousands of London commuters were my own! Having been properly cited, I can only imagine in my fertile writer’s imagination the multitude of travel weary riders hastily scrolling the name BJ Neblett on a scrap of paper, later to do their own internet search for the proprietor of those words of wisdom. And not only did I receive some very public exposure, Mr. Craig was kind enough to mention me in his wonderful blog. For your enjoyment, I have included links to his page as well as many of the other varied places I have found myself and my words.
Source: Capture-Shoot-Dream

            And so it goes. Is the pen really mightier than the spoken word? I spent the better part of my life as a radio DJ. It is awesome to imagine that words I spoke could very well still be traveling through space and time itself. Perhaps, someday, my voice, introducing a Chuck Berry tune, will be the first surreptitious sounds received by some distant alien culture. The advent of the internet has been both a boon and a bane to mankind; a blessing and a burden. And it carries with it the same far reaching abilities, responsibilities and consequences.
Haiku: BJ Neblett Photo: Unattributed

           So, the next time you are waiting for Calliope, or Erato or one of their kin to whisper in your ear, think not only about the words you are about to write, but where those very same words may end up.


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