Friday, December 20, 2013

Nothing by BJ Neblett

Hello and happy holidays! I'll be enjoying my birthday on the 24th (yes, a Christmas baby, better than a sack of coal!) with a quiet night, perhaps with a couple of friends. Hopefully yours will be a bit more exciting. In the mean time enjoy this short story. And then follow the link above over to my poetry blog for a very special new poem for a very special person.
Peace and love for a new year.

by BJ Neblett
© 2006, 2012

This story appears in Short Story Me. For a free read please follow the link below:


  1. Wow! Very cool. Kept me on the edge of my seat wondering what was happening and what would happen next. Great story!

    1. Thanks Cyndy, glad you enjoyed! Click on my blog archives for more unusual stories I think you will enjoy. Check out Where Are You Going? and The Man Who Wouldn't Die. Oh, and don't forget to find more of my stories on line at Short Story Me.