Saturday, August 24, 2013

Ponytail by BJ Neblett

One of the more popular forms of story telling these days is Flash Fiction, a self contained piece usually of around 500 words. I'm not sure if there is anything as 'Flash Non-Fiction', so let's just put this piece in the 'What I Did During My Summer Vacation' category. Those who are familiar with my writing know that if you wish to get to know me, just read my short stories. Enjoy, and as always be sure to comment.

by BJ Neblett
© 2013

This story appears in Short Story Me. For a free read please click the link below:

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  1. Your writing is beautiful, lyrical, almost poetic. I can picture perfectly every image you draw, every scene you paint: the softball retreating from the sky; Ponytail gracefully running across the field; the love you hold for her in your eyes. What a beautiful piece! And you say it is non-fiction. Someone is very, very lucky to know you!