Saturday, February 16, 2013

Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Memories Or Misconceptions?

Soundtrack Of Our Lives: Memories Or Misconceptions by BJ Neblett

             Music has always been a major part of my life. From my earliest recollections of blues, pop and jazz to my corybantic years as a radio DJ, my life, loves and writings have been shaped and influenced by the music around me. Like most of us, music for me is a reference marker, how I attach a date, a place and a face to a memory. Music is the voice of yesterday; it truly is the soundtrack of our lives. Think about it: the car radio; the transistor at the beach; the jukebox; the tiny walkman and MP3s; school dances to concerts to movie soundtracks to a song played by your favorite band in a local night spot. You will probably find you can associate a favorite tune with every important event, every milestone in your life. Music is what helps us to remember the good times; and to deal with the bad times.
            An old DJ friend of mine once said that there is a song for every aspect of the human experience. And so it is with my experiences. When I wish to recall a memory, a person, a place or a time, I simply recall a song. Music is the basis for the memories that pervade what I write. So, enjoy the pictures played in your mind by the music you hear, know and love. And stop and call to mind your past: your trials and triumphs, and your own romantic adventures. But keep in mind:
                                    Memories may be beautiful and yet
                                    What’s too painful to remember we simply chose to forget
                                    So it’s the laughter we will remember
                                    Whenever we remember the way we were

                                                                                                The Way We Were
                                                                                                Barbara Stresiand


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