Friday, December 7, 2012

Short Stories For Download

From the e mails and comments I can see everyone is enjoying the short stories I post. Thanks to everyone for their continued support. I'll have a special story posting for the holidays up in about a week.
In the mean time, in response to all of the requests, yes, I am working on not one but two collections of my Fantastic Literature short stories. With the release of my memoir, Ice Cream Camelot due Spring of 2013, and working hard on a sequel to Elysian Dreams, it looks like the collections may have to wait for a while. But, never fear... I have posted one of my more popular stories and made it available for download. I will continue to post more stories for download as time allows so book mark the page and keep watching. The site is Scribd, a great place for finding some great writing. Simply go to, type in BJ Neblett and scroll down for a listing of my posted work. You can also click on the link below which will open a new page. Enjoy and remember to e mail me or comment here and on my web pages.
Thanks and Happy Holidays

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