Friday, November 9, 2012

A Writer...... Writes by BJ Neblett

A Writer...... Writes
by BJ Neblett

As I am sure you know, my blogs consist mostly of short stories, pieces I've written recently along with some older stories. This is because I spend most of my free time writing, putting to paper the ideas and situations and characters that formulate in my mind during the rest of the day when I am doing those everyday chores that enslave us all. When I was in school, more years ago than I care to remember, three words were drilled into my brain... and, consequently, I try to instill these same words into the minds of my Creative Writing students. Those words? A writer writes. Simple enough, right? Want to call yourself a writer? Then write! A painter paints; a sculptor sculpts; a plummer... fixes pipes. So why don't those who call themselves writers write?
I belong to a number of blogs, writers groups, sites, etc, etc, etc. Mainly I belong because my publisher says it's the thing to do... networking to help sell books. Ok, fair enough. But unfortunately I have little time to participate in, or read any of these posting. Why? Because I am busy writing; not writing blogs or commenting on others' blogs, but writing the sequel to my first novel Elysian Dreams, and my memoirs, Ice Cream Camelot, and the short stories that all of you enjoy here.
It amazes me how much time 'writers' spend writing about writing rather than writing. I wish I had that much time to spend at my keyboard. And, ironically most of what I read on daily blogs is the complaints of how little time those very same bloggers seem to have for actual writing!
Is it just me? I'm all for communication and the sharing of thoughts and ideas, and even just simple human conversation. But don't spend four lengthy paragraphs bemoaning how little writing you have accomplished when those same four paragraphs could be the intro to your next novel.
A writer writes.... it's that simple. You don't need to be a million seller or be on anyone's top ten list or even have a publishing contract to be a writer. All you need do is... write. Next time you are at a party and someone asks, "What do you do?" and you answer, "I'm a writer," be sure you have written something to answer the inevitable follow up question: "Oh, what have you written?"
Look for another short story here soon!

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