Friday, May 8, 2015

Mother's Day, Mama Rose, Musical Mamas, A New Story Published and a Reading!

Hello again and happy day to all moms out there! Make sure you do something extra special for her. As my own mother liked to remind me, "You only get one!"
The new issue of Romance Magazine is now available with a new story by me. Just click the image to the right for the link! Perhaps mom would like a subscription for that new Kindle or Nook you bought her?
In the mean time, below is a quick quiz to see how well you know some musical moms. Just match the title with the artist! And don't worry if you don't do well... I'll bet mama knows!

The many faces of my mom. Mom The Actress: On stage; in the movie "You Can't Go Home Again" and a print ad for Esso/Exxon Gas Stations

Musical Mama Quiz
Just match the title of the song with the artist. Good luck.

A) Mama Tried                                                    1) Jan Bradley
B) Mama's Pearl                                                  2) Ruth Brown
C) Mother's Little Helper                                       3) Jackson 5
D) Mama I'm Coming Home                                  4) Trace Adkins
E) I'll Always Love My Mama                                 5) Abba
F) Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean                6) Rolling Stones
G) Mama Said                                                      7) Kanye West
H) Hey Mama                                                       8) Merle Haggard
I)) Mamma Mia                                                     9) Ozzy Osbourne
J) Mama Didn't Lie                                               10) Shirelles
K) That's Alright Mama                                         11) Intruders
L) Hot Mama                                                        12) Elvis Presley

Finally, I have a reading coming up this Thursday. For those of you in the Seattle area, I will be reading some of my poetry at the Ballard Library's monthly It's About Time, 7 PM, Thursday, May 14. The Ballard Branch Library is located at 5614 22nd Ave NW in Seattle's Ballard section. Please stop by, say hello, and enjoy an evening of poetry and literature.

Rose Neblett: 1923 - 2004

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