Saturday, December 14, 2013

Smile by BJ Neblett

The end of the year is upon us and a new year is at hand. And, as usual we have an over abundance of 'list': from social to political to geographical; from absurd to even more absurd. One particular list caught my attention because it involved my adopted home town. It seems Seattle has the dubious honor of being ranked in the top five of unfriendly US cities. As mush as I hate to admit, there may be some validity to the non-scientific survey. All one needs do is take a leisurely stroll around the Emerald City to note a distinct lack of eye contact and friendly acknowledgement between passing strangers. Therefore, for the betterment and enrichment of Seattle, and all cities and peoples everywhere, I humbly submit the following.
Safe, happy and peaceful holidays to all!

by BJ Neblett
© 2006, 2013

            The simple smile can be a powerful thing. A modest, alluring smile has brought about the downfall of the common man to the most invincible leader. It is said a smile has turned the tides of battles; the course of history, and the hearts of the most hardened men.
            Like most, I have been both confounded and rewarded in my attempts to decode and interpret the intricate nuances of the female smile. However, I have found the most intriguing and endearing quality of a smile to be how well it works in reverse. It is difficult to remain angry when you are forced to smile. And it is hard not to love the one who makes you smile.
            From Mona Lisa to Bill Clinton, volumes have been written on the possible meanings of the grin; smirk; beam; simper, and sneer. A well timed, well placed smile can be a blessing and a curse to its intended recipient, often both at the same time. It is indeed the most dangerous and effective of weapons.
            It has been my experience that perhaps the best, if not most logical response when confronted with a smile is to simply accept, return and enjoy.

“Smile though your heart is breaking…”
                                    Cole Porter

                                                                        “Smile and let them wonder
                                                                          what you are up to.”
                                                                                                Bumper Sticker

                        “…don’t let the handshake and the smile fool you…”
                                                            Smiling Faces

                                                            The Undisputed Truth

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  1. I just shared this on my FB page. How very true. I think we've all been both the culprit and the victim of that weapon of mass construction called the smile. ;)