Sunday, September 29, 2013

Number Three Encounter by BJ Neblett

Number Three Encounter
by BJ Neblett
© 2013

E mail to the Stranger Newspaper, September 23, 2013.

Dear Sirs,
Please include the following ad in your ‘I Saw You and Missed Connections’ column with your on line personals.
Thank you.

Last Friday afternoon, September 20, it was around two PM, maybe 2:30, in downtown Seattle, the #3 bus. I got on at Third and James Street. I promised not to drip on you as I sat down. Did I?
You were wearing a grey Huskies sweatshirt. You had longish dark hair, a ponytail, pretty painted nails, pink I remember, and a killer smile. You reminded me of the sexy heroine stepping out of the pages of one of my short stories.
Me, I’m just a guy who sat next to you, a writer, a hopeless romantic some say, others aren’t so kind. I wore a blue slicker with a Looney Tunes tie and a silly grin.
We talked a bit, you and I, about the rain, and buses, and coffee, and Seattle, and nothing in particular.
I told you I wasn’t from Seattle. You said you could tell because I carried an umbrella.
I wanted to say more but I found myself drowning in your beautiful dark chocolate eyes.
The lady sitting in the wheelchair asked us to ding the bing bong for her to make the bus stop and we both laughed.
I made you a pink origami duck. It matched your nails, do you remember?
How’s he doing?
Actually, I looked for you the next day, and the day after.
But you were gone and so was the rain.
Anyway, I’d like it if we could meet; maybe have coffee and talk about the rain and buses and Seattle and ducks.
You can be my sexy heroine with the killer smile.
I’ll be just a guy with a Looney Tunes tie and a silly grin.
You can text me anytime.
And remember to ding the bing bong when you want the bus to stop.
I’ll be waiting.


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