Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ice Cream Camelot Off To Publisher!

Taking time off from posting stories to do a bit of bragging. My second book, Ice Cream Camelot is finished and off to my publisher Brighton Publishing. We are hoping for an early spring 2013 release. There is a short synopsis below. Your feedback and comments are always welcome. I'd like to thank Ballard artist Emily Gussin for all of her hard work on the book's cover. The layout and artwork is worth the price of admission by itself. Also, I'd like to again thank everyone for their continued support, both of my first novel Elysian Dreams, which continues to sell well, and here with my blog site. You keep reading and commenting and I'll keep posting. And for those who asked: Yes, The Most Dangerous Pitch, last week's post, is a true story, and aside from occasional sparks and flashes, my eye is doing fine, thanks. We won last week's softball game 34 to 5!

Ice Cream Camelot by BJ Neblett

            Ice Cream Camelot presents the history of the Kennedy administration within the funny and touching memoir of a young boy coming of age during those significant years. But this isn’t the Wonder Years revisited, and Billy Neblett isn’t your typical eleven year old. His family has recently moved from his beloved South Philly, and shy young Billy is repeating the fifth grade while struggling to stay out of trouble, make new friends and deal with a growing dependency on alcohol.  All the while, Billy is attempting to find his own identity in an increasingly confusing and frightening world. Amid school bullies, killer nuns, the race for space, peaceful sit-ins, violent race riots and the growing threat of nuclear war, Billy finds his heroes in the most unusual places. Legendary rock n roll DJs Hy Lit and Joe Niagara take Billy under their wing, mentoring him and fostering a love of radio. But it is or 35th president, John F Kennedy from whom Billy finds hope and inspiration. Painfully aware of the irony in his life – there are no blacks in lily white suburban Lawrence Park, and girls are treated as second class citizens at St Pius X Catholic Grade School – Billy looks to the charismatic JFK as the savior of Camelot for himself and his first love Amy. Ice Cream Camelot is a unique, engaging and entertaining look at one of the most important eras in American history.

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