Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chasing The Dream

New year and lots of new things to do...not resolutions, just things to do.
Elysian Dreams is out and now available in paperback from your favorite book store (as well as Amazon and Barnes and Nobel of course). The good folks at the local B&N have a new author and local author section, into which I am working on getting Dreams. But as you can imaging, just like your local grocery, shelf space in book stores is at a premium...a very high premium. Which means you will probably have to order Elysian Dreams from your favorite book store. So it's time to hit the streets, the air waves and the Internet. While I have a very competent aid running my web site for me, I am on my own as far as publicity goes. Exactly how do you get the general reading public to take notice of a struggling writer's first release?
Not a rhetorical question, I am asking for suggestion here...ok, call it what it is...HELP!
There are book shops, chain stores, coffee houses, book clubs, etc, etc, etc...that I would love to get in touch with (That shameless self promotion again) and make them aware of Elysian Dreams. But I'm just one guy...one clueless guy. So, let me know what your thoughts are...how do I go about selling my book...and myself? Any thoughts, suggestions, comments? All will be gratefully and eagerly accepted and considered. You can post your ideas here for all to see, or we can keep it one on one if you prefer...my e mail address is: info@bjneblett.com Either way I will respond and let you know how things are going.
Stay tuned loyal readers...it's going to be an interesting ride!
PS: For those of you who have already read (or soon will be reading) Elysian Dreams, you too can help. According to my publisher what is needed are comments...all kinds of comments and reviews. My home page is bjneblett.com. From there you can link to my Facebook page and to Brighton Publishing and leave comments and your thoughts on Elysian Dreams. You can also post them right here if you wish. Book sellers look for public comment...it lets them know that someone is reading what they are considering carrying. So lets have it...the good the bad and the ugly. Thanks.


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