Thursday, December 22, 2011

Shameless Self Promotion

Riding on the bus the other day I spied a young woman reading The Great Gatsby. Anyone who has followed my blogs and/or my career knows that F Scott Fitzgerald is one of my favorite authors and Gatsby is my all time favorite book, at least among the classics. And, of course, The Great Gatsby figures prominently in my new novel Elysian Dreams.
Not one to pass up the opportunity to promote Elysian Dreams, to say nothing about the chance to speak to a pretty woman, I approached the metro reader, business card in hand. Bolstered on a warm smile and soft hello, I proceeded to introduce myself and my pride and joy, Elysian Dreams. Unfortunately, our pleasant conversation was prematurely ended by my quickly approaching stop.
I never fail to be surprised at how easy it is to approach a stranger with a book in their hand...or for that matter a Nook or Kindle. I find most everyone extremely receptive and indeed eager to talk about and share their passion for reading.
We have all heard that reading is dead and literature is a thing of the pass. If my experiences riding the Seattle Metro is any indication, then reports of the demise of books have been greatly exaggerated... thank God.

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