Sunday, July 8, 2018

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine by BJ Neblett

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine 
by BJ Neblett

My newest book, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess is out and selling out! It is the first in the Planet Alt-Sete-Nine series with book two Princess Haylee slated for a Christmas 2018 release. Already receiving critical acclaim, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine has been called the new standard by which all forthcoming fantasy/sci-fi books will be judged.
Bending dimensions in new directions, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: The Lost Princess takes a hard and innovative look at the real-world challenges of alternate realities, artificial intelligence and video game addiction, as Jake, a world class game designer frantically races to save his girlfriend Haylee from the very video game he has designed!
Planet Alt-Sete-Nine is available in paperback and eBook, on Amazon and Barnes and Nobel as well as your favorite book store. For more info, check out
Look for me this year at several conventions including OryCon in Portland, OR, in October and at Authors and Autographs at the Everette Fall Home Show, Everette, WA, September/October.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Ebook! Ghost Writing and New Classes by BJ Neblett

Ebook! Ghost Writing and New Classes
by BJ Neblett

Well, we are half way there. Planet Alt-Sete-Nine The Lost Princess is now an ebook. It is available wherever ebooks are sold including Amazon; Barnes and Nobel; Smashwords; Espresso Book Machines, and more. To find out more about my latest work, and to keep up with further releases in the Planet Alt-Sete-Nine series, keep watching here and check out the web page by clicking here: Planet Alt-Sete-Nine. Spoiler alert: book two Princess Haylee is tentatively scheduled for a late fall release, in time for Christmas! You can also learn about up coming release parties, signings, readings and more. If everything goes well, Planet Alt-Sete-Nine The Lost Princess will be out in paperback in June, just in time for Father's Day and your summer reading fun! And, oh, please be sure to leave a review!

For those struggling writers out there and for everyone who has a story to tell, my friend Karen Cole has a wonderful ghost writing service. I'll let her tell you about it in her own words.

GHOST WRITER, INC. is an online ghostwriting services agency. Karen S. Cole has run Ghost Writer, Inc. since January of 2003. It began as Rainbow Writing, Inc. and Karen re-branded it in 2011. GWI does books, manuscripts, screenplays, scripts. TV and film work, music, lyrics, soundtracks, treatments, analysis. Cover art and interiors, all needed written copy associated with books and screenplays. Email me at (remember, only one "w" in rainbowriting!)

Full ghostwriting and editing services of almost anything. You name it, we do it! GWI also does marketing, promotions, sales, publishing, optioning and production assistance services. We will strive to get you in line with what you need. All done at highly affordable rates, fees and prices. For the rest of 2018 we are offering Half Price on series books, for at least three books. This varies, but could run say $7,500 USD per each 200-300 page book in a related series. We will also work to get your book series self or commercially published.

Finally, the Hugo House summer course catalog is now available on line. As always, the famous writer's home is offering a wealth of courses aimed at writers of all levels and genres. I will be teaching two classes this semester: Writing Effective Dialogue and The Art of Editing. Both will be starting Sunday July 15, and run for six consecutive Sundays through August 18, and will follow one another for those who are interested in taking both classes. For more information simply click the highlighted links.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sneak Peak At My New Book Cover by BJ Neblett

Sneak Peak At My New Book Cover by BJ Neblett

Planet Alt-Sete-Nine a compelling adult contemporary fantasy.

Jake is a young up and coming game designer for a major video game company. He gives a beta version of his latest creation, an advanced game called Planet Alt-Sete-Nine to his girlfriend Haylee for testing. However it isn't long before Haylee is completely engrossed with playing the sophisticated game, to the exclusion of everything else. To Jake's horror, Haylee soon loses her memory, finding it impossible to distinguish between reality and the alternate reality of the game. Meanwhile, the game's programmed groundbreaking artificial intelligence seems to be taking over not only the game, but Haylee’s life as well. Complicating matters are Jake's bosses pressuring him to get the game finished for market. The scene and chapters switch between the action of the game being played out on Planet Alt-Sete-Nine, and the couple's deteriorating relationship, as Jake frantically races to find answers to Haylee’s gaming addiction and the out of control artificial intelligence. Frustrated, Jake is driven into the consoling arms of his oldest and closest friend Barb who just happens to be Haylee’s rival for Jake’s affections. In the end, Jake loses Haylee to the video game. But has she simply run away or has she been swept off to the land of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine?

“A richly imagined fantasy tale that grabs ahold of you and doesn’t let go.”
                                                            K.J. McPike author of the Souls Untethered saga

“A gripping tale of the potential for artificial intelligence to undo the established order, taking us through a wonderfully imagined, captivating interface between reality and the virtual reality of next-generation video games. A page turner par excellence.”
                                                            Adrian Winstanley author High Hopes Silver Linings

Look for Planet Alt-Sete-Nine Summer, 2018. And coming Winter, 2019, Princess Haylee, book two of the The Lost Princess series.

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BJ Neblett