Sunday, November 1, 2020

New Book Finished New Book Started by BJ Neblett

 New Book Finished New Book Started by BJ Neblett

“Our destinies were set in the heavens long before the suns and stars were born. You must remember that everything has its purpose, and everything happens for a reason. I am here for a reason. As are you, and you and you. Each person’s purpose is as different as the individual pursuing it. Yet they all point to a single grand reason. Every occurrence is a link in a chain of events, constantly moving towards the grand purpose. It is a purpose much greater than any of us.  Sometimes an occurrence causes a break in the chain. You may alter your future, choose a different path. But your destiny is set and cannot be changed. It is the nature of things to right themselves and continue. Destiny will win out.”

With that prophetic statement, the Great Wizard Inhodu explains his presence to Princess Haylee. Book three of Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: War of the Wizards is well under way. The muse has been beating away at me non-stop, so I figured I'd dive right into book three.

Meanwhile, book two Planet Alt-Sete-Nine: Princess Haylee is at the publishers and looking for a late January or early February 2021 release. Naturally it will be available in ebook and paperback, and sold through Amazon and your favorite neighborhood book store.

Keep watching for updates.

More to come!


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